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2 way Cartridge valve

Cartridge valves, in two ways, are logic components developed for small-footprint block designs. Hydraulically controlled seat valves with a 2-way slip-in cartridge are an option for installations in small-footprint blocks. The 2-way cartridge valves used for stress control are pilot-operated poppet.

The cartridge valve is used to achieve a wide range of pressure functions. These valves are simple to install and are often used in industrial environments. The slip-in cartridge, cover, and pilot system valve components permit single and combined operations.

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2 – Way Cartridge Valves

Cartridge valves

Cartridge valves are two-position directional control valves. Cartridge valves are employed in industrial hydraulics for directional and flow control. They are also known as logic components or 2/2-way valves. Low flows are typical when these valves are used. Small size and quick switching speeds are two characteristics that set cartridge valves apart. Many cartridge valves and other components are assembled into a single machined piece.

They are put into a threaded chamber. Cartridge valves are utilized in touch controls and hydraulic power grids because they are inexpensive. Among other cartridge valves and mechanical components, a port manifold block has a cavity where a cartridge valve can be mounted. The valve block is equipped with a cartridge valve to carry out the automatic and logical operations. These products are ideal for applications demanding high flow rates and leak-free control.

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Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

Hydraulic cartridge valves are sometimes known as flow control valves or directional valves. These valves are screwed into threaded chambers. Cartridge valves are ideal when high flow rates and leak-free control are required. 2/2-way, or logic valves, are repeatedly used in hydraulic systems. It is an essential component of numerous fluid power systems in various industrial industries.

Low and quick switching rates allow us to create circuits that are extremely reliable and simple to maintain. Cartridge valves are available in various styles, including proportional, pressure relief, and on/off. The cartridge is made to fit inside a cavity and is kept inside the cover. Cartridge valves are made up of different inputs and control covers and are used to fulfill valve operations in hydraulic circuits.

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