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Sandwich Plate For Valve

The sandwich plate architecture allows for easier control combinations. It is customized according to customers' requirements. Sandwich plates are intended for vertical assembly stacking. The leak-free sealing of two or more service ports is suitable for rapid cycling and has a long life. It has Seats with sharp edges to offer high flow rates in unclean settings. For regulating back pressure, bias springs are used in sandwich plates. The components of sandwich plates are zinc-coated, and the reservoir is coated with phosphate to provide high durability and safety.

Sandwich plate hydraulic circuits are outfitted with a three-way and two-way valves specifically for vertical assembly. There are a variety of available variants that are known for the standard ISO 4401. The plates are stacked on serial plates are stacked on serial plates. These plates are available made of steel or cast iron. Sandwich plates allow easy integration of different variations and maximum versatility in creating vertical stackings.

Sandwich Plates

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