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What are Adapter Plates?

On a manifold block, adaptor plates allow hydraulics to switch from one mounting interface for valves to another. These Plates are made of stainless steel. This can be useful if a different device is chosen during the machine's lifespan or after the block for a certain build has been built. Any measurement setup needs an adapter plate to connect the stylus and probe. The adapter plate that connects your stylus to the probe is crucial in any measuring setup. The plate consists of phosphate fishing which ensures high durability. It comes in different colors like black.

Only genuine ZEISS adapter plates include an ID-Chip that your coordinate measurement tool can identify. Adapter plates come in a rectangular shape and are also available in other shapes. Adapter plates provide a connection between your machine's frame. The enclosures and dovetail profiles can attach to any frame horizontally, vertically, or rotating. Adapter plates improve the operation of the panel line. To modify existing panels, adapter plates that interface with industry-standard platforms might be employed. These adapter plates are widely used in Hydraulic Manifold blocks, hydraulic presses, and various power packs. Different types of plates are made in India, ensuring the products' long-lasting life.

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Adapter Plates

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