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What are Cover plates?

Cover plates are utilized instead of directional valves to isolate a bar manifold station. Cover plates are utilized to finish a connection diagram. Cover plates can close connections on manifolds, redirect working channels, or replace subplate-mounted valves with cartridge devices. Different plates, such as control, vario, and stop plates with valves, are utilized for varied tasks.

Depending on the internal port connections, these plates are the best way to flush a manifold. There are parallel and series models available. Numerous industries frequently employ cover plates. It is employed to cleanse the hydraulic system regularly. A bar manifold station can be closed off using the Lynch Cover Plate.

Cover Plates

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Features and benefits

  • Internal channels were increased to match the interface port connection to reduce pressure drops and fluid velocities.
  • There are cover plates available with all external ports for moving valves.
  • Special port configurations, such as X & Y ports, are not common.
  • There are Servo Cover Plates accessible to the cover plates.

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